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Murder Mystery Dinner –

Murders of the Lost Crusade-Hosted by Capstone Occasions
Saturday November 3rd – 5pm – Sold Out!!

Second Show Announced!!  Saturday January 19th 6pm 


Indiana Jones is back doing what he does best: finding artifacts & danger.
Join a party thrown by an eccentric millionaire celebrating a recovered treasure that was only fabled to exist: the Egg of Monoceros.  Dying to see it, Indiana must crash the party to reveal the Egg of Monoceros is just the starting place for the real adventure.  When a trail of murders is uncovered, it’s up to our hero to fight the bad guys, find the killer, and make the biggest archeology discovery of his career.
Filled with famous characters from the original trilogy and some outrageous new ones, join Indy as he saves the day and the girl.

For more information or to purchase your tickets to the January 19th show click HERE.

Food Truck –  Olive Branch 

Everyone is loving the great food from Olive Branch!  Stop out and enjoy them again on Saturday November 10th from 12-5pm.

Food Truck – 15th & Chris

You’ve asked for them to make a visit and now they are joining us!  Be sure to stop out and enjoy some amazing burgers on Sunday November 11th from 12p-5p.

Loaded Brush –

Wednesday November 14th 6:00 pm









Register for this fun event  HERE.

Murder Mystery Dinner –

A Deathmas Carol

Friday December 7th 6:30pm

It’s the most horrible time of the year, if you’re Ebeneezer Scrooge. To make matters worse, the ghost of his former business partner shows up to tell him he is going to be murdered that very night. It’s enough to put anyone in a “bah hum bug” sort of mood.
Join Scrooge, the ghosts, and all of your other favorite Christmas Carol characters in this comic retelling of a Dicken’s classic. After all, if Scrooge can’t discover the true meaning of Christmas and who’s out to kill him, he won’t be around to celebrate the next one.
These shows sell out fast!  Get your tickets HERE.

Loaded Brush –

Wednesday December 12th

Image and registration link coming soon.



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