Wine List

Marquette – $32

Estate Grown dry red wine.

Merlot – $20

Full bodied with dark fruit and plum characters

Creekside Red – $16

Dry and fruity with a hint of oak. Serve as an accompaniment to red meat, chicken, or pasta.

DC Meritage – $24

A dry blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Berries, chocolate and coffee notes on the palate with a long tannic finish.

Creekside White – $16

A blend of four white grapes make this dry and fruity Chablis style wine with melon and tropical fruit characters.

DC Chardonnay – $19

A cool fermented Chardonnay made entirely in stainless steel. Crisp with a distinct apple and grapefruit character.

Heritage Sweet Red Dessert Wine – $22

This “northern grown” port exhibits strong fruit character and a lighter body that makes it a perfect mate to dessert and cheeses.

Ed’s Apple Frost – $25

Sweet dessert wine made with cider from a local orchard. Serve by itself as dessert or with fruit and cheese.

Cobblestone Demi-Sec – $16

A semi-dry “German style” wine bursting with floral and apple fruit character.

Serendipity Sparkling – $20

A bit of sweetness and a fresh fruity finish. What a perfect way to begin an evening with friends.

Cranberry – $16

Lightly sweet and fruity wine that captures the essence of fresh cranberries. This wine is a delightful addition to any holiday celebration. Also, add a splash to your favorite vodka for a surprisingly delicious cranberry cosmopolitan.

Peach Honey – $16

A delightful combination of peaches sweetened with natural honey and finished with a touch of cinnamon. This seemingly perfect union tastes like ripe peaches drenched with honey.

Frontenac – $22

A semi – sweet red wine with notes of cherry, wild berry, and a hint of chocolate made from our first harvest of estate Frontenac grapes.

Cobblestone Red – $16

A fun red designed to be chilled.  Light, fresh, and fruity with a hint of sweetness.

Babbling Blush – $15

A blush wine made for wine drinkers who prefer a sweeter wine.
A sweeter version of a “White Zinfandel”.

Reflection of Red – $15

A red wine made with a blend of grapes including Concord, for those
who prefer a sweeter red without the tannin bite.

Moscato – $16

A sweet white wine with floral aromas and apparent citrus fruit qualities.

DC Sweet Riesling – $18

Ripe apple and lightly floral flavors unravel on the palate with this light, refreshing, medium-bodied white wine.

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